If you follow Kia‘s social channels, you may have noticed the reveal of our newest musical collaboration – ‘A Good Vibe’. Partnering up with two very talented musicians, Kia Motors has launched a digital series that captures and showcases the essence of our vehicles. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, check them out below and take a closer look at the making of the series.

Work to Do – Kia Cerato

The multi-talented Pinnacle the Hustler is an up and coming hip-hop musician and DJ in the Korean hip-hop scene. By building his brand through his own entertainment company and working as a radio show host, Pinnacle has continued to promote his message about hard work, passion and inspiration through his music and lyrics.through his music and lyrics.

In this collaboration, Pinnacle released two original songs to express and accentuate the youthful and sporty identity of the Kia Cerato (also known as Forte in many markets). ‘Work to Do’ features a trendy and powerful beat that matches the sophistication and prowess of the compact sedan. The ‘Ode to Cerato’ on the other hand, communicates the standout features of the Cerato through soulful rhythmic poetry.

With the Cerato, Pinnacle goes on a dynamic adventure from day to night, cruising through highways to stop and marvel at the various landmarks in the cityscape. See more behind-the-scene photos below.

Not Lost – Kia Soul



Music producer and singer-songwriter Zach Holmes is an experienced musician who has worked with numerous independent artists and global advertising agencies. Zach also creates and shares his own creative musical content on his personal YouTube channel.

With two original songs written with the Kia Soul in mind, Zach shares his philosophies of being true to oneself and avoiding the needless distractions and pitfalls of life. ‘Not Lost’ is a upbeat and cheerful song in which Zach explores hidden and quaint neighborhoods aboard the compact MPV. ‘Ode to Soul (With You)’ features a more soulful vibe as Zach paints a vivid picture of his charming vehicle companion through rich lyrics. His carefree acoustic melodies move the audience on the wings of song through a day in a life with the Kia Soul.

Take a look at the making of the music video below.

A Good Vibe’ is our newest collaboration project aimed at showcasing our vehicles as well as up and coming musical talents. Tell us what you thought about our first two music collaborations and stay tuned for more exciting songs to come from the Kia Music Project!