It can become incredibly difficult to finance a car with sub prime credit with certain lenders in your area. Not all banks and dealerships are open to financing people with a poor credit history, but West Toronto KIA is an exception. Our network of lenders make it easy to qualify for bad credit loans, auto financing with no money down and subprime credit, and more while staying within your budget.

Saving money is not something that is usually associated with financing a car with sub prime credit, but with the proper lender it’s very possible to acquire the perfect loan for you.

Sub-Prime Auto Financing

In most cases a person with a subprime credit score is considered as one with rating that falls below 640 which tends to lead to a complicated financing process. This leads to consumers needing a auto loan company that features a bad credit finance program that helps people locate dealers who have easy loan requirements.

By more relaxed stipulations a sub-prime car loan allows for buyer to pay less attention to their credit status, while feeling more confident in other areas on their application. Most bad credit lenders will pay more attention to following things when processing a non-prime loan:

  • If you are employed or not
  • Gross income for each month
  • How much of your income is absorbed by current debt
  • If you are making a down payment or trade-in
  • Those who are able to satisfy these simple requirements, and have no serious red flags on their
  • credit report tend to have an easy time qualifying for a loan.

Guaranteed Auto Loans with Bad Credit

Once a person fills out our online sub prime car loan application we immediately begin searching for a direct lender that is close by and capable of providing you the best finance opportunity for your credit situation. However, that may not always guarantee the lowest possible rates as lower credit scores tend mark buyers as higher risk borrowers.

That is why we advise our applicants to perform their own credit check before applying and even use an online calculator to help them get an estimate on the type of financing rates they may receive. It’s also a good idea to engage in possible credit repair methods to help lower your rates or even try refinancing your loan down the line to get more affordable payment terms. We are here to help.

How West Toronto KIA Can Help

Financing a car with sub-prime credit can be a complicated and stressful process for many car buyers. We will provide a clear explaination outlining how we can help and what you should expect. However, by allowing us to do the heavy lifting for you we can make sure that you get the results you want.

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