Electric Vehicles

As EV’s (electric vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to showcase and educate everyone! Everything you need to know about from battery performance to government incentives, we have listed it all for you below.

The Soul EV is Kia’s first mass-market zero emissions, battery electric vehicle and, for 2018, it’s better than ever.


Also new, the fast charge now provides more energy (94% of charge), adding 87 miles in each charge event, and drivers can now set the charge time to end at their convenience. Remote climate logic has also been added to precondition the car when it’s not grid connected, and the new Generation II Pedestrian Warning System alters the sound and frequency of the warning depending on vehicle speed.


Engine, Battery & Charging SpecificationsEV-5

Government Incentives & Rebates

The Ontario government & the Ministry of Transportation offers incentives for EV owners and rebates of up to $14,000! For more information on the incentive program and rebates, click here.


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